Alfalfa, known as the queen of forages, is prized as an effective feed for productive dairy cows and race horses due to its high protein content and easily digestible fiber. Recent studies have also shown that alfalfa is an excellent feed for gestating sows. The United States is the world’s primary exporter of quality alfalfa hay. We are committed to providing high quality alfalfa feed for dairy farmers and pork producers worldwide. Additionally, we also offer a variety of other feed options including DDGS, sorghum, and rice bran.


By introducing the most advanced agricultural machinery technology, we help chinese farmers decrease their farming costs while increasing their efficiency. Through this, we provide productivity and bring revolutionary changes to the agricultural industry.


High-quality beef comes from high-quality farms. We export premium beef from South America (including Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil) to East-Asian countries. Our team of professionals consists of veterans with over 30 years of experience. We also provide financial investment services to those who are interested in acquisitions in the beef industry.


Global Livestock trade is one of our newly developed businesses. We export quality dairy heifers and beef cattle from Europe and South America to East Asia. Each cattle is carefully selected by veterinarian with detailed pedigree. The cattle are transported to quarantine farms through our advanced vehicles which are in compliance with animal welfare requirements. The entire process is managed by professionals until the final delivery to our customers.